Sierra Vista Warms the Hearts of the Homeless
Posted on 01/17/2014

“It’s that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second.”  This quote reflects the goodwill of the students at Sierra Vista Middle School.  For the past 13 years, Sierra Vista middle school students have participated in the “Make a Difference” program.  “Make a Difference” supports a portion of the homeless population in Los Angeles by providing much needed supplies to those living on the streets.  The central objective of this volunteer group is to warm the hearts of those less fortunate but participating in the program adds a special benefit. Students learn the value of giving and receive the intrinsic reward for their compassion. 

Sheila Edwards, an eighth grade American History teacher, organized and directed this community kindness service project in which 52 students, 6 teachers and 22 Sierra Vista alumni trekked to the Mission District and Skid Row area. If you were in that area on December 19th, you would have seen groups of students in bright blue shirts, pulling wagons as they walked the streets distributing not only supplies, but also holiday cheer and goodwill. This year’s trip, as well as trips in the past, was made possible by Sierra Vista students, staff and the C-VUSD community who contributed essentials all year long. Students graciously received items and then organized them in preparation for their trip to aid the homeless. On the December 2013 outing, hundreds of socks, blankets, t-shirts and jeans, along with bags of toiletries, were given directly to those in need. Sierra Vista students found that warming the hearts of the homeless also warmed their own.

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