CrossFit in the Classroom: Traweek Middle School Garners CAHPERD Award
Posted on 05/27/2014

Traweek Middle School’s physical education program was recently awarded the California Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Middle School Program of the Year. The CAHPERD award was based on Traweek’s state of the art fitness room and a shift from a sports concept to “Fitness for Life”. Built around the premise that all students are athletes, Traweek provides CrossFit for their students, allowing each student to maximize their own fitness and reach goals on an individual basis and ability. Helping every student participate and excel at their own fitness level inspires students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Recognizing that physical education is a unique, viable and integral component to each student’s educational experience, Traweek’s goal includes meeting the changing needs of students to improve physical health, regular fitness participation and healthful lifestyles.

Congratulations, Traweek Middle School, for providing C-VUSD students with the tools necessary to be the best that they can be.