Raising the Bar: The California Department of Education recognizes C-VUSD’s Continuous Improvement of Academic Achievement
Posted on 04/29/2013
The California Department of Education has recognized Barranca Elementary School as an Academic Achievement Award Recipient for 2012 –2013.  Continuing to close the achievement gap between high- and low-performing students and enabling all to meet the challenging academic standards of California, Barranca Elementary has demonstrated the exceptional ability to ensure outstanding levels of scholarly success. A Title I Achieving School, led by principal Zoe Vanek, Barranca is dedicated to providing opportunities to the disadvantaged to assist them in obtaining a significant, high-quality education. Barranca Elementary’s goal is to support all of its learners in reaching proficiency on state academic assessments by furnishing not only comprehensive curriculum but also an enhanced, heightened, and accelerated educational program.  We congratulate the leadership, teaching and support staff for this incredible distinction and honor.