SHHS Canned Food Drive
Posted on 10/11/2014

Recently, South Hills High School partnered with the City of West Covina and the Canned Food Pantry of West Covina in efforts to collect and donate as many cans as possible. Over 75 students from South Hills took part in building words and structures with the over 4,000 cans that were donated. South Hills hosted their can food drive on campus for one month and the generosity by students and teachers was truly selfless. "It was so nice to have fun building the canned structures with my ASB family, but it was even more special to see and feel the thanks from the people who were going to be receiving the cans" said South Hills' student Gabby Donnelly.

This event is just one of many events South Hills High School plans to partner with the City of West Covina to make their home and community a better place.