High School Students Receive Council PTA Scholarships
Posted on 03/20/2015

Twelve high school college bound seniors received scholarships totaling $6,000 during the 94th Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon held by the Covina-Valley Council PTA earlier today.  Four winning students from each of the comprehensive high schools responded to the question, “What is your definition of success, and why?”  Answers shared common themes of accomplishing goals, commitment, and discipline, but each student’s thoughts were also unique.  “Success is about going after what you want, that of which makes you truly happy,” said Covina High School senior Sakina Williams.  Northview High School senior Brenda Valencia defined success as contentment in life, “not in a material sense, but in the sense that you can enjoy each day and cope with any challenge.”  Ryan Cohen of South Hills High School recognized the importance of goal setting but said even if you come up short, “you are still in a better spot than you were when you first started.” 

The Scholarship winners are:

Covina High School
Nicholas Hernandez
Amanda Martinez
Sarah Schwedler
Sakina Williams

Northview High School
Eric Cortez
Marisol Ruvalcaba-Nava
Danielle Torres
Brenda Valencia

South Hills High School
Ryan Cohen
Ronni Cuccia
Matthew Diaz
Christine Nguyen

Each of the 12 students received a $500 scholarship presented by Covina-Valley PTA Council President, Kamealoha Moore-Sanchez, who said the funds were raised through specific fundraising activities.