Technology Services
Helpline- (626) 974-7000 ext. 800040
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Jonathan Blackmore Director of 21st Century Learning and Special Projects  
Cydna Spellman Secretary
Ext. 800039
Brian Anderson Assistant Director Ext. 800035
Matt Chiappone Network Analyst Ext. 800028
Kris Kemp Network Analyst Ext. 800051
Ulises Machaen Student Information Systems Analyst Ext. 800044
David Mammen TSS Trainee Ext. 800054
Gerald Morell Lead User Support Analyst Ext. 800034
Shaun Ridley User Support Analyst
Ext. 800038
Gina Soriano Student Information Systems Analyst Ext. 800043
Darin Sorrels User Support Analyst
Ext. 800037
Matthew Spellman TSS Trainee Ext. 800054
David Taylor User Support Technician Ext. 800042
Joanna Vasquez TSS Trainee Ext. 800054
Brenda Williams User Support Analyst- CalPads
Ext. 800029

The Technology Systems Services Department is responsible for the planning, delivery, management, operation and support of all District technology and its infrastructure.  We provide service and support to our district office, our school sites, our administrators, our teachers, and our classified staff.

This includes:

- Design, installation and maintenance of all District voice and data networks.
- Recommendations for all technology purchasing and establishing standards for all technology       related hardware and software
- Support for all District computers and peripherals
- Telephone maintenance
- Organization and implementation of District administrative technologies including business,           personnel and student systems
- Preparation of all E-rate applications
- Recommendations on emerging technologies
- C-VUSD Web Page maintenance and design