Jessica Houpt Supervisor, Child Welfare and Attendance
Kim Kilton Secretary Ext. 800086

District Placement Committee

The District Placement Committee is a panel held with administrators that do not know the student, where they will hear the case presented by the school and make a decision on future placement of the student and put into place an intervention plan to be completed by the student and/or parent/guardian.


Additional support at the school sites to assist with the following areas:
  • Attend SARB/SART Meetings
  • Make referrals to appropriate agencies for the minor(s) and parents when necessary
  • Counsel minors
  • Write court reports for minors’ court case
  • Parent contacts monthly
  • Assist administration with home visits when necessary (home visits can be conducted on probation minors)
  • Make law enforcement contacts
  • Attend parent meetings with administration team for our cases (probation and 236)
  • Have children complete bi-weekly/weekly progress reports to monitor academic grades
  • Daily sign in and out with the probation officer
  • Attend IEP meetings
  • Have Gender Specific and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention & Intervention Programs on campus (make referrals to these programs)
  • Assist administration team with discipline issues pertaining to our caseload.
  • Attend District Placement Committee Meetings (DPC)
  • Supervision at lunchtime when necessary or requested