Maintenance, Operations, Facilities and Transportation

The Maintenance, Operations, Facilities and Transportation Department is a vital part of the Covina-Valley Unified School District team. Responsible for managing, repairing and maintaining the structures, fields and grounds of over 20 district sites, including ten K-6 elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, one alternative high school, theDistrict Office, the adult education’s East San Gabriel Valley/Roxburgh site, the Vincent Children’s Center and the District Athletic Field, this department supports our educational institution by providing safe, secure, and conventional learning and athletic environments as well as efficient and fully-operational administrativesettings for all students, staff and community members. The Facilities, Maintenance and Operations Department oversees all new construction projects, working closely to develop architectural images. In collaboration with our Bond Oversight Committee and following educational specifications, this department is active in the planning and design phase of improvement projects. Playing a crucial role, the Facilities, Maintenance and Operations team assumes lead responsibility in taking progressive and modernization construction to completion to supply our educational institution with state-of-the-art facilities which enhance the physical environment of our district.

Mission Statement

The Maintenance, Operations, Facilities and Transportation Department of Covina-Valley Unified School District is devoted to the principals of customer service and to providing a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to our students’ ability to learn and excel in their education. Our objective is toprovide comprehensive, on-going maintenance, repair and support as well asidentifying, budgeting, scheduling and implementing effective work strategiesthat ensure that the Covina-Valley Unified School District standards are beingachieved at all of our sites. TheMaintenance, Operations, Facilities and Transportation Department is happy to do its part to contribute tothe District goal of providing a learning environment for “CreatingExtraordinary Futures” for all of our students.

Jeff Bloedorn Chief Facilities Officer Ext: 800150
Mike Stragier Maintenance, Operations & Transportation Manager Ext: 800150
Chan Wilson Secretary Ext: 800146
Diana Grijalva Clerical Assistant Ext: 800148
Terry Guardardo Account Clerk Ext: 800154
Debbie Shipley
Transportation/Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
Ext. 800202
Peggy Andrade Secretary- Field Trips, Community Services, Facilities Use Permits Ext: 800201
Alicia Perea Account Clerk Ext: 800139

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 6:00am – 4:00pm
For Emergencies after Business Hours, please call (626) 705-4719

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