Technology Awards
Rowland Elementary Builds 21st Century Skills Using Technology; Capture LACOE Award
Posted on 05/28/2013

Learning through teaching is a strategy with proven results. Using technology to do it is taking education to a new collaborative level.  At Rowland Elementary, Mr. Seliskar’s class is building 21st Century Skills using a multitude of resources to refine and enhance their knowledge across the fourth grade curriculum. 

Under Jason Seliskar’s tutelage, his students have created the Roadrunner Academy which features iPad tutorials using iPod Touch, iPads, and flip cameras along with the application Educreations.   The uploaded videos present lessons from which to learn anything from math, reading and writing to social studies and science.  Videos such as “The Division Quest” in which students manipulate base ten blocks to understand this math concept, “10 Minutes”, a 2010 Best Overall Digital VoiceAward winner, where learning about James and the Giant Peach involves an interview format, and audio podcasts about erosion are just a few alternative modes of learning produced by Seliskar’s class.  Students have discovered how to incorporate multiple technological tools and have been recognized for their innovative approach to learning.   Working to learn in a unique modality, his students are using 21st Century Skills.  The California Department of Education recently joined the national Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) network of 18 states, designed to teach real-world skills to meet the needs of a competitive global economy.  21st Century Skills demonstrate and support creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and communication.  

For the fifth straight year, the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) has selected an entry from Mr. Seliskar for a Digital Voice Award.  The 2013 submission, “Chromebook Collaboration”, captured the prize this year in the area of Instructional Technology.   Mr. Seliskar’s classroom developed the Roadrunner Network and “Chromebook Collaboration” employing Chromebook and Google Drive to create podcasts, presentations, online newsletters and informational and tutorial videos.  Blogging is also a continuously utilized classroom approach to improve skills in the areas of technology and language arts.  In the past, Mr. Seliskar and his students have won the 2012 Digital Voice Award for “Roadrunner Academy”, the 2011 Digital Voice Award for “Missions in the News”, as well as the 2011 Best Overall Award for their entry “Roadrunner Times Online Newsletter”.   This Rowland Elementary fourth grade class also claimed the LACOE 2010 Digital Voice Award, 2010 Best Overall Award and the 2009 Digital Voice Award. To view these remarkable, student-produced videos, link to Mr. Seliskar’s school website: