International Baccalaureate Exam Results Show High Marks
Posted on 07/27/2015

In the third week of May 2015, 18 pioneering South Hills juniors stepped into the media center at the Covina Education Center, sat quietly, listened to instructions, and set to write the first International Baccalaureate exams in the history of South Hills High School and Covina-Valley Unified School District.  As they poured over the documents before them, pressed pens to paper and rifled through their case studies and equation sheets, these 18 intrepid IB Business and Management SL students were taking steps into a new world and paradigm, forging a path for those who would follow.

The process of becoming an authorized IB World School began five years ago, and these students joined the IB program on a leap of faith at the end of their sophomore year, and in the end that faith paid off. Their pass rate was 94%, with no one scoring less than a 3 on the IB scale of 7. The average score was 4.83 which is higher than previous year’s averages for the results of this exam across the world and on par with last year’s results. Kudos and accolades for this start-up program, its teacher, Mr. Barry Hepner, and these brave pioneers in the green and gold.