Parlez-vouz Francais? Oui! C-VUSD Students Bring Home Le Prix in Le Grand Concours
Posted on 05/08/2013

Vive la France et le monde francophone!

Northview High School students earn national recognition in Le Grand Concours.

Every February through March, students from elementary to high school who are studying French are eligible to participate in the National French Contest or Le Grand Concours. This annual competition is a national contest sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF). Participants include students from all 50 states and abroad. Northview High School students earned both regional and national recognition competing with over 100,000 students!


The 76th annual contest assesses students in all things French, including communication skills, vocabulary, grammar, cultural topics and cultural sensitivity embracing the many facets of the Francophone lifestyle.  Consisting of listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading and comprehension components, Le Grand Concours is a 60 minute multiple choice exam designed “to help stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of French and to help identify and reward achievement on the part of both students and teachers”.


Congratulations to the three students who were designated as national winners in the Level I category. They competed with over 24,000 other French students and scored in the top 75th percentile.

 Yang Lu                 Alexis Gonzalez            Edwin Hernandez  


These three Northview High School students will be recognized with a certificate and a medal at a ceremony at Pasadena Polytechnic School on May 18th.


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Numerous students were awarded the Certificat de Réussite, for their placement in the top 70th through 50th percentileCongratulations to Cynthia Rodriguez, Christopher Salazar, Safe Khafaji, Christine Patera and Jesse Velazquez who scored in the 70th percentile, Chelsea Valdez, who placed in the 65th percentile, and Sarai Acosta, Jacquelin Avina, Brenda Garcia, Carl Supan, Sarah Medina, Neyda Tinoco, Sofia Casabella, Alejandra Gomez, Shadden Suarez, and Camille Torres who showed excellent achievement in the 60th percentile. Ranking in the 55th percentile were Yasmin Martinez, Jajaira Sequeira, and Kristin Garcia, and in the 50th percentile, commendation goes to Angela Mata, Noemi Noriega, Aaron Ramirez, Kassandra Toledo, Mitzy Donovan, Jereline Celis and Mariana Garcia. Congratulations also to the teachers of our high achievers at Northview, Ms. Maria Corona and Beth Kerns.