Northview FAME Academy Project Underway
Posted on 01/23/2013

Northview High School Students Attempt Time Travel To The Old West

In a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity, Northview High School Students in Covina, CA are attempting time travel. Last year, Northview launched a state of the art film production studio and this year, they are putting it to good use. The students are working with local author, Bill Wilbur, and local filmmaker, Rey Ramirez to bring Mr. Wilbur’s novel, SARAGOSA to the stage. Mr. Wilbur, an alumni of Northview and a strong proponent for the Arts programs, offered the drama and filmmaking students the chance to perform his novel on stage and film a documentary about the process. Spearheading the project is award-winning producer/ Director Rey Ramirez of King Profit Films, a small independent production company who have garnered critical acclaim on the film festival circuit.

The novel, soon to be a major motion picture, was adapted for the stage by Rey Ramirez.  In an unparalleled attempt to bring all aspects of the Arts department of the school together on a single project, the production will include members of the drama and filmmaking classes along with the advanced photography classes, who will be supplying photo backdrops for the actors to perform against.

The students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with professionals from the industry in all aspects of the production, from writing to casting and directing.  The sound and lighting technicians will learn professional techniques used by today’s best stage productions.  The actors have auditioned for their roles, reading in front of a panel of three casting directors. 

The original idea for the project was a live stage reading of the feature film script, but as more and more students got excited about the production, it morphed into something more than a staged reading, though less than a full play.  The actors will interact with each other while moving about on stage. Sets will be minimal, represented by photos taken by the students which are projected against a rear wall.  The actors have the opportunity to read from the script onstage, or learn their lines. 

The entire school has gotten behind this performance, as has the district officers who are offering as much support as they can.

The play is set for a three night run, February 15, 16,& 17, and tickets are available at the school, or through the following website:


Bill Wilbur ~ 626-261-3313         

Rey Ramirez ~ 626-536-5184