Measure CC Funds at Work!
Look What’s Happening!

measure cc bannerAt the Covina-Valley Unified School District, we believe our students deserve the very best. Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community, Measure CC, a $129 million dollar bond initiative, was passed by the voters and the funds are being used to efficiently and effectively renovate, modernize, and maintain our facilities. This bond project is allowing C-VUSD to thoughtfully plan the scope of work that will occur over the next decade. 

Here are a few of the projects that are under construction or have been recently completed.

Covina-Valley District Sports Complex

Field will be completed in time to hold graduation ceremonies.
2-story building, to include banquet facility, scheduled for completion Winter 2015

Covina High Track and Field

Project complete
Northview High Track and Field

Project completion Spring 2015

Northview High Entrance Plaza
Project complete
South Hills Quad
Project completion Spring 2015

Covina-Valley Trade Tech Academy

Project complete
This project was funded through the sale of District
property, Redevelopment Agency funding, developer's fees,
and adult education funds
Coming Next....

South Hills track and field

Aquatics centers at all 3 comprehensive high schools